About The Brandon Foundation

The Brandon Foundation is a non-profit organization that prizes ethical behavior and integrity, that seeks to provide educational empowerment with Christian spiritual foundations. We explore our scholars' gifts and guide them to be future leaders while filling the gaps according to individual needs. We reach out to parents to become resources that align with The Brandon Foundation program to create world changers.


Students are partnered with a mentor and tutor who helps support their academic goals. According to each student, a plan is developed to meet students' individual academic needs. Within this program, the students participate in community service activities in order to prepare them to be positive leaders and citizens in their community.

The Program:

6 Core Components:

  • Educational Empowerment
  • Character Development
  • Spiritual Foundation
  • Mentor Relationship
  • Service Projects
  • Talent Scouting

Who: Students (K-12th)
When: Mondays & Tuesdays from 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm, during the school year (We follow the FWCS calendar.)
Where: St. Henry's Community Center — 3029 E. Paulding Rd. (46816)
Cost: FREE! Snacks provided!