Jump for Joy!

It's hard to believe that we have open for over 4 months! Time flies when you're having fun... And, we are definitely having fun!

In September, our character trait was Leadership! Students talked about what it means and takes to be a leader. Our guest speaker for the month was Vernard Hollins, CEO and Director of Always 100! According to Hollins' website, "Always 100 basketball is designed to challenge and achieves athletic excellence which in turn fosters self confidence, leadership, and personal growth. The Always 100 motto is to give 100% at all times and the focus is to help kids remain active and productive — keeping them focused on positivity, not negativity."
We were so thankful for his visit. Not only do the children of The Brandon Foundation love Vernard and his program, but Vernard continues to support us as we grow and become leaders ourselves.

In October, our character trait was Compassion. During the month, we talked a lot about how we can help others who are suffering and what it means to have empathy and show compassion. On a Sunday afternoon, the children of the foundation visited the Shadarobah Horse Rescue Ranch! They had an amazing experience while they were able to learn about the horses. Students were told how the horses were rescued and taught how to care for them. Students immediately felt connected to the horses and were excited to be able to ride them. As a group, the children of the foundation were able to donate money to the ranch to sponsor one dental cleaning for a horse that desperately needed it. We will look forward to our next visit!

Also in October, we were blessed to have a visit from Kate's Kart! Kate's Kart is a program that promotes reading in children by providing books to children during hospital stays. Kate's mom visited the foundation and told the children Kate's story. As they sat quietly, they listened intently. After they heard her story, they were thrilled to be able to donate several books to Kate's Kart.

During November, we focused on our new character trait: Responsibility. In December, we've been discussing the character trait: Health and Wellness, and we have collected over 100 cans to take to the Community Harvest Food Bank!

We have a new member: Kava. He is our friendly dog who will be visiting as the students of the foundation begin to participate in animal therapy. We will have more to come on this amazing experience.

As we prepare for our Christmas break, we count our blessings and look forward to spending time with our families. Our Christmas wish? Please consider voting for us, beginning on Tuesday, December 17th, in the "Jump for Joy" contest for the Young and Free Indiana Program. You can watch our entry and vote here:

Winning this contest would mean $3,000 for computers and help with funding summer enrichment camps for the children of The Brandon Foundation!

Blessings to you from The Brandon Foundation!