The results are in...

It was just three short months ago that we began our #BeADreamMaker sponsorship program, and we are excited to report that the results are in...

With the help of many individual, family, and corporate sponsorships,

The Brandon Foundation has raised $22,077.00!

While we were short of our goal, we are thrilled with the support we received. Not only was each one of our students sponsored, but we have enough funds to develop our College Scholarship Fund and enroll our students into new programs during the 2015-16 school year!

Over the next few weeks, our students will begin school, and they will start with all of their supplies loaded into a new backpack. Additionally, we have been doing some shoe shopping (who doesn't love a new pair of school shoes?). The students (and their families!) are happy and grateful; it's a wonderful thing to witness.

The Brandon Foundation will officially begin on Monday, August 24th. This year, we are adding two new students; we now have 12, who range in ages from 5-15 years old. We could still use some help with mentoring, so if you or someone you know may be interested in joining us two hours a week, please let us know. We love referrals and appreciate your help!

While we follow a new curriculum this year, we will begin our year with familiar extra-curricular actives such as art classes and visits from Kava (our dog friend). A new addition to our program will be a boys club and a girls club for our students in 4th grade and above, which will be lead by an adult who visits every other week. These clubs will allow students to discuss, discover, and dissect what it takes to grow up in a world that presents challenges. The leader of these groups have committed to becoming role models for our students and guiding discussions that revolve around maintaining our morals and virtues; we're so excited to see the impact this club will have on their lives.

A few of the board members did some planning earlier this week, and we cannot wait to share what will be happening each month at the foundation. Be sure to keep checking back for updates, especially after the first of the year when we begin discussing our next Silent Auction Event! As soon as the date is set, we promise to share so you can mark your calendars!

As always, we thank you for your support. Because of YOU, The Brandon Foundations is thriving! We're excited to begin our 3rd year, and we're blessed to be doing it with encouragement from our friends, sponsors, families, and community.

PS - We're looking into creating a lounge, seating area for our older students. Do you have a couch or chair you would like to donate? :)