30 Days of Thanks: Day 2

Day 2: We are thankful for our young ladies' group, Proverbs 31. 

In September, we formed a group for our girls who are in or approaching high school. The group meets twice a month to discuss the challenges young ladies are faced with, and the obstacles they have to overcome, while becoming women. Founded on the epilogue of the noble woman, these ladies have already discussed many of the virtues and traits found in good, honorable women. Together, they have also talked about the importance of having good role models and being good role models. During these meetings, the young ladies are given an opportunity to open up, be themselves, and share their triumphs and their struggles. Our hope is that these young ladies continue to develop their confidence and share their voices with the people in their lives.

Some of the many topics of discussion for the Proverbs 31 Group.

Founder and Leader of Proverbs 31, Caty, and some of our young ladies.