Springtime at The Brandon Foundation

Spring is in the air, and exciting things are happening for The Brandon Foundation! This week, we kicked off the 2017 fundraising campaign AND launched a website. While all of this was going on behind the scenes, our scholars volunteered at Lutheran Life Village for our monthly service project and have been writing letters to students going through similar life situations.

Our goal for fundraising this year is $30,000 by June 1st. These funds will be used in three areas: operational costs, resource improvement and the college scholarship fund. In total, nearly 75% of the funds raised will go directly to our scholars. In addition to covering the costs of day to day programming and operating for the 2017-2018 school year, these funds will ensure that every Brandon Foundation scholar has: school supplies, school shoes, a winter coat and boots, the ability to attend extracurricular activities and a summer camp, as well as other essentials as the needs arise. Currently, The Brandon Foundation has 2 computers available for use by students for research and school projects. As part of our resource improvement plan, we will purchase a laptop for each scholar for our classroom. In the current digital age, it is imperative that students are exposed to the many aspects of technology and begin to learn the skills that will be necessary in the workplaces of the future. Lastly, a portion of the funds raised will contribute to our college scholarship fund. This year, we have four scholars in high school, and we want to empower them each to continue their education and provide financial aid.

After months of working closely with Brittany King, a local web developer and digital content specialist, we have unveiled a brand new website, https://thebrandonfoundation.org! Here, you can find information about the history of The Brandon Foundation, how you can become involved or make a donation, or read about what’s happening recently with the organization.

Meanwhile, our scholars have been serving the older and the younger of their communities. For our March service project, we went to Lutheran Life Village to visit elderly residents. We played games, made root beer floats, and brought cheer to all involved. As a more personal project, our scholars have been writing letters to anonymous students who are going through a tough time in their lives. We are learning how the pain we go through in life can be turned into power to reach and change others’ live. Scholars write encouraging notes which are handed out weekly by teachers. Sometimes hearing (or reading) “you’re not alone” in what you’re going through is exactly what’s needed. Our students are realizing that by showing vulnerability in their struggles, they can help to heal others.

To make a contribution to the 2017 fundraising campaign, follow this link and select “Donate Now”: https://thebrandonfoundation.org/donate/.

Thank you for reading!
Abby Bormann & The Brandon Foundation