Creating a Climate of Kindness

What would the world look like if instead of meanness, inconsideration and violence there was only kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness? We’re far from that place right now, but there are people all over the world looking to make a change. One such group created a competition, or as they like to say a “coopetition” (a cooperative competition). It’s called the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest, and The Brandon Foundation is jumping in during the month of October.

Here’s how it works:

1. Individuals or teams sign up here.
2. Participants organize service projects, inspire and perform acts of kindness and focus on giving back to their community.
3. After completing acts of kindness, participants report on their activities, and the Compassion Report Map tracks all of the details.
4. Share and celebrate to start a chain reaction of kindness in the community!

The goal of the compassion games is to unify communities, amplify kind works that are already happening, catalyze community engagement, quantify experiences and impact, and actualize to grow the movement!

For now, our scholars will be observing their local community and how they might make a change with acts of kindness. After fall break, the game is on! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Check out how the Compassion Games have started to make a difference in other communities!

By the way, we're in the early stages of planning for the 2018 Dinner & Auction, and we're looking for sponsors. If you'd like to contribute or have any questions, please contact Rebecca Bormann at

Thank you for reading!
Abby Bormann & The Brandon Foundation