What is a leader? - Civic Engagement

How do you define the word leader or decide that one person is a leader, and another is not? There are leaders by title only. There are people in decision making roles who make choices only for themselves. There are also those who lead from anywhere, no matter the title, time or place (or age). One characteristic of a great leader is that they always have in mind the needs of others, with a mind and a heart for service.
Recently, The Brandon Foundation scholars have been learning that you’re never too young to be an advocate and an activist in your community. The conversation began with talking about big issues in the southeast Fort Wayne community and in cities around the country. The scholars discussed redlining, microaggressions, and police shootings and other topics. Next, they began to think about what in their own communities they want to change. A few key things that came up were: improving parks, making neighborhoods safer, and having more options for groceries.
In order to work towards taking action on community improvement, the students narrowed down their ideas to one park in particular, very close to where two TBF students live, that is in great need of updating and some tender loving care. Our scholars are meeting with the neighborhood association and the church that owns the property and are in the process of formulating a plan, including developing a budget. The students are learning that they too can make changes in the community, if they choose to live to help others.
Look out for updates in the coming months on this project! I can’t wait to see what our scholars accomplish!

Thank you for reading!

Abby Bormann & The Brandon Foundation